Nikon AF Lens Tests & Reviews

As I use Nikon equipment for my own work, I always have a slight vested interest in Nikon optics when I test them for ePHOTOzine, even though I can’t actually afford to buy any of them. Still, it’s nice to see first hand how these lenses perform, just in case I win the lottery, (without buying a ticket) or if Sad Ken finally romps home to win the Grand National.

I will attempt to keep this page updated and I may even add in some mini-reviews of the old clunkers I use day to day, if I ever find the time.

The following links are reviews of Nikon autofocus lenses I have completed, accompanied with a little personal comment on what I think about how the lens performs…

Nikon DX Zoom Lenses


 Nikon FX Zoom Lenses


 Nikon DX Prime Lenses


 Nikon FX Prime Lenses



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