Micro Four Thirds Lens Tests & Reviews

Micro Four Thirds is the original mirrorless interchangeable lens camera system, which promises similar flexibility and image quality to a digital SLR camera, without the size and bulk of an SLR system.

As well as being the original system to adopt this approach, Micro Four Thirds currently sports the widest selection of additional lenses, from fisheye to super-telephoto optics. A full range of the lenses available can be seen on the Micro Four Thirds lens site. the lenses listed on that site are only ones made by manufacturers who are part of the Micro Four Thirds consortium, or whatever they call it, so lenses from manufacturers like Samyang are omitted.

Anyway, here are a list of Micro Four Thirds compatible leses I’ve tested, along with a brief comment on my general impression of the lens.

Micro Four Thirds Zoom Lens Reviews



 Micro Four Thirds Prime Lens Reviews




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