I Lapsed…

I’ve struggled lately to find time to do anything creative for myself. Work has been busy, with students preparing for the final term of the academic year, and I’ve been busy with stuff at home too.

So, after helping a student put together a time-lapse video they’d taken of a 3D printer creating their design, I thought it may be fun to have a go at creating something myself.

Being short of time, and struggling for motivation, I needed to find something that would happen quickly enough for me to shoot in an hour or so, but take long enough to warrant shooting a time-lapse.

I opted to shoot an ice lolly melting, so I set my camera to its interval shooting mode, to take an image every 20 seconds and stood an ice lolly up in a window, on an upturned mug, supported by a lump of Plasticine.


I then left this well alone for while until there was no more of the ice lolly left. The camera took 307 images altogether, so I promptly loaded them into Capture One 8 (I really need to upgrade to the latest version) to edit as a batch, exporting as a JPEG, cropped to 16:9 ratio. I then renamed all the images to ensure the numbering was in sequence and loaded the into Photoshop as an image sequence at 15 frames per second.

So far, everything was pretty straightforward, even with my ageing desktop computer (I have to leave the side exposed, so it doesn’t overheat!) not falling over as I loaded all those images at once. I added a black frame at either end on the animation to fade in and out of. All seemed good, except I thought it needed a suitably weird soundtrack to give it some oomph, so I went searching online for sounds I can edit/destroy. I happened across Sampleswap, which turned out to be full of weird noises and samples uploaded by users for general, non-professional use. I downloaded a couple of sounds, then had a play with them in Adobe Audition. My sound editing skills are pretty much non-existent, and I’m about as musically gifted as a dry sponge, so I simply messed around with the samples until I ended up with something that sounded crunchy/synthy/weird and that was long enough to cover the duration of the short time lapse I had created already.

Anyway, here’s what I created. I doubt it will win any awards, or even provide entertainment for anyone but myself, but it is here anyway! Enjoy!


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