I used to earn my living working as a photographer, shooting mainly music events (although I’d do anything if somebody was paying).

After a few years of increasing difficulty with actually earning enough to manage, I finally got a ‘proper’ job, working at Nottingham Trent University as a Technician. I love my job, especially helping students to turn their ideas into something workable. Really, I like helping people, which is probably why I was such a rubbish freelancer.

Anyway, this blog is a place for me to dump any ongoing creative projects, or any other mind-vomit. It’s a pointless vanity project really, so it goes without saying that any opinions expressed are my own, and absolutely nothing to do with my employer.

Apologies if you came here by mistake. If you were after Gary Wolstenholme the golfer, I’m sure you’ll find plenty more info elsewhere.